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Parrot Island Divers
Scuba Club Membership
We started in Nashville and now have members as far away as Australia. We're just a group of divers who like having fun and diving. 

Parrot Gear,  Dive shirts, Caps...Parrothead scuba

Margaritaville Cancun

Margaritaville  Jamaica


Jimmy Buffett Atlanta




Pic by Lisa Lethcoe

Lisa winner of MTSS Scuba Photo Contest with this picture taken in Bonaire.  Way to go Lisa!





Dive Masters and Instructors


Dave & Busters Dinner Party


Craw Fish Boil


Dale Hollow Lake


WOW!     Sara,  Rick P,  Rick F,  and Dave W in H2O are very brave and very cold.
I just noticed that's not even a dry suit.  Rick you're tougher than I am.

Who May Join?
All divers and non-divers who are interested in scuba diving and enjoy talking about scuba diving are welcome to become a Parrot Island Diver. You don't necessarily have to be a Parrot Head to join but it helps.

Member Benefits

  • Free T-shirt
  • Free Air fills at our compressor.
  • Discount on Rental Gear
  • Social Events & Dive Trips
  • Free 6 month subscription to Dive Training Magazine
  • Discount on Scuba Lessons
  • Instructors receive all PADI Materials at level 3 pricing.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is meeting and making friends with other divers.  Diving is a social sport and if you're a Parrot Island Diver you will always find somebody who'll go diving with you regardless of your level of experience.  We go diving most every weekend.

We have  Parrot Island Divers Dinners and group parties once a month.  Everyone is welcome.

$20 per year.

Club dues go towards buying T-shirts, food, drinks and speaker gratuities for the monthly club meetings, and organizing special events.

How do I Join?
To become a member of the scuba club you just need to;

1. Sign the Parrot Island Divers waiver
2. Pay yearly dues of $20 to Parrot Island Divers. (
Check or Credit Card)
Print Adobe Club Waiver

Pay membership by check or credit card, Please print waiver and mail it, or bring it a club meeting.

Parrot Island is a state of mind.
   Marcos@ParrotIslandDivers.com   (615) 955-3483